Guide to Identifying the Right Hair Straightener.

12 Feb

If the appearance of your long hair is a priority, then you should consider owning a hair straightener. In fact, if you have the right tool, you will use it for a considerable period without any need of replacing it. However, you must note that hair straighteners are made differently and offer varying experiences. For that reason, you must pick the best hair straightener and here are some useful tips that will go a long way to guide you in purchasing an ideal hair straightener. 

Know which shape is the most appropriate. Hair straighteners have almost the same appearance until you look closely and observe the differences on the edges. Some of them are flat all through while others have slightly rounded edges. The ones with the rounded edges are better than the flat-edged hair straighteners because they effective in the purpose. Do look up for info on hair products. 

Consider the width of plate. Wide plate hair straighteners are more efficient and effective. However, they might be big such that they cannot fit in your bag if you intend to travel with them. There is no problem if you have a wide plate hair straightener for home use but if you want a portable one, you will resort to the ones with a bit narrow plate. Furthermore, you might not need a wide plate hair straightener which produces a lot of heat that can damage you soft hair. Choose the right size plate which suits your hair and personal needs. 

Which is the best plate? Almost all hair straighteners are made of metal but not all the metals are the same. Each type of metal has unique properties that make it suitable for particular hair types. If you are well-versed with the materials, it becomes simple to know which one suits you. For instance, Titanium irons heat up fast and distribute heat evenly and they are appropriate for curly, coarse hair. Ceramic irons are less costly compared to Titanium and they work well for most types of hair, but with time, the ceramic part wears out exposing iron which does not distribute uniformly. Tourmaline plates are specifically made for people with extremely damaged hair and it helps by producing negative ions which reduce frizz and seal hair shaft.  Check these details to know more about hair straighteners. 

Consider the temperature. Heat is important for hair straightening although it might also damage some types of hair. It is advisable to purchase a hair straightener with an adjustable heat setting so that you style your hair at the most appropriate heat level. 

Price of the hair straightener can provide some clue. Do not be lured by the cheap hair straighteners as they are likely to be substandard and can easily damage your hair. Look for the best quality hair straightener at an affordable rate. Learn more about hair flat iron do's and dont's here:

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